Dedication and Commitment

Rohrs Farms is a sixth-generation family farm. Dating back to:

  • John Rohrs;
  • Henry Rohrs;
  • William Henry Rohrs;
  • Arthur C. Rohrs;

And our current owners

  • John W. Rohrs and Donald P. Rohrs, retired;
  • and Mitchell John Rohrs.

This dedication and commitment started by our grandparents and parents is something we want to emulate and continue forward. We strive to be good stewards of the land.

One way is treating rented farm land as if it was our own. Another way is following the 4 Rs: Right Source, Right Amount, Right Time, and Right Place of Fertilizer. This supplies our crops with the needed nutrients yet doesn’t over apply and allow excess fertilizer to move off into our precious soils, into our waterways, and the lakes we farm around.

We understand the importance of personal attachment families have to farmland, as well as the investment needed to make a positive economical return to the landowners.



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