Farming is in the Rohrs Family Blood.

Rohrs Farms uses much of the newest technology available for our equipment monitoring. We utilize newer John Deere equipment in our farming processes.

Some of the technologies we utilize are: Swath Control on our sprayers combines and planters. The Swath Control System only allows an area to be planted or sprayed one time, with no overlapping, which saves on seed and chemicals. 

GPS, Global Positioning Systems: Once an A-B line path is set for the equipment by the driver. The tractor, sprayer or combine will then drive that path, no driver needs to steer the piece of equipment. This system eliminates overlapping and gaps in spraying, combining, planting and tillage resulting in the most efficient way of farming available.

 All of our tractors, sprayers, and combines are equipped with this system.

Data Transfer and JDLink: Data is accumulated by the operation taking place in the field. With our John Deere combines, the yield and moisture are calculated every 2 seconds and collected by the onboard computer. When planting, the population, acres, and field information are collected and stored. The same happens when spraying. This data is then automatically saved and sent back to our office computers or smart phones for record keeping, variety selection, and budgeting purposes.

JDLink is a direct connection between each combine, sprayer, and tractor and our John Deere dealer, FIC Companies maintenance department, for monitoring any issues there might be on an individual piece of equipment. Monitoring any codes that might come up on that piece of equipment. Allowing FIC to directly send someone out to repair whatever the code was for. It also allows us to track the location, the hours and the performance of the equipment.

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